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Video : The ultimate book on stock market timing.

Vol 5
Raymond A. Merriman©

Now you can download a video of an interview with me taken just when that book has been issued.

You can also download a video of an interview with me taken when I was in Amsterdam in January 2010 about financial astrology.

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It is a surreal feeling to complete a book of this size (over 300 pages), and it's a surreal feeling to see it out in print, at last. It took two years to write this one, which is par for each of the five books of this series that started in 1997. That was around the time I decided I wanted to "tap into the soul of the stock market", like there is such a thing. Turns out there is, in my opinion. But it depends on how you interpret "soul". If you accept that it is a connection between the observable and the intuitive, that patterns do exist and like oracles, they oftentimes do reveal the future, then it exists. This is a book describing the tools that serious traders that I know use. I use them. Many of my subscribers use them, although not that many know how I calculate price targets to go along with market timing. This book identifies the formulas I personally use to calculate price targets, and the trading plans I find that work using these market timing and technical indicators. This book is packed with powerful tools (signals), and if you take the time to learn these tools properly, your chances of being a successful trader will increase tremendously, IMHO. The book is 300 pages, printed in perfect bind format, gloss cover, 8-1/2" x 11" size. The retail price of this new book is $144.00. The publication of Volume 5 will complete the project that started in 1996, and covered approximately 1600 pages of studies and strategies for all types of traders and investors, using our market timing methods. In all, this is a complete and unified approach to analyzing (and trading) financial markets, and especially stock markets. If you are interested in this unique and integrated methodology for analyzing and forecasting stock indices, you can save big bucks by ordering all five volumes, or choice of any four now, or just go to and scroll down to the announcement. If ordering all five volumes, you will save $99.00 !.
All the information on that book can be seen on the video which is downloadable.


The comments and reviews are starting to come in, and we will post them here over the next few weeks. " In this 300 page book with 21 chapters and the addition of many recent charts and tables, Ray goes into great detail in Volume 5 on exactly where to buy and sell at the correct price based on a number of methods. Some of the concepts covered for identifying Price Targets are based on Gaps, Intermarket Divergences, Head & Shoulders, Pivot Points, Retracements, Last Phase of a three-phase cycle and a number of other Target projections techniques. He gives many examples for both Bull and Bear market price objectives so the reader can easily understand the concepts from both sides of the market.

Merriman covers techniques for the Position Trader as well as the Short-Term Trader. In addition, he tells the reader when to expect fake outs to take place based on certain Astrological conditions. One chapter is solely devoted to "How to Create a Training Plan" which is critical to becoming a profitable investor/trader. I found that I could learn the strategies easily by following along the chart examples in Ray's book and then duplicating them in my own charting software.

To sum up, Ray Merriman's Volume 5 is a master study, chuck full of the best ways to determine accurate Price Objectives in all the Financial Markets".

Ken Biggs, Trader, Superior, Colorado, review on

Announcements :

             I am oftentimes asked for recommendations of a money manager who uses my methods, since I won't manage other people's money. The thing is, almost all money managers I know use their own systems. But many subscribe to my services and share my thoughts about the future of the economy, various financial markets, and how to position one's portfolio along these lines. One money manager who subscribes to our services that I would suggest for those looking to structure a longer-term portfolio, such as a retirement account, is Duke O'Neill of Boulder, Colorado. He can be reached at, or 1-(303) 545-5837. For those looking for a professional trader of commodity and futures contract might consider Ted Lee Fisher at Ted is a legend in financial futures and has a seat on the CME. Both are very knowledgeable of the tools I use, of the way I am looking at markets, and yet each makes their own decisions as to exactly when to enter and exit any market. They will be more than happy to assist you.

             The newly revised The Sun, The Moon, and Silver Book : Secrets of a Silver Trader, is now out. This is a book that you will use as a reference guide for...many, many years. It identifies all the key Sun-Moon combinations that have a higher (and lower) than expected probability of correlating with 4% or greater reversals in COMEX Silver. It also identifies "Big Range Days" - those days in which the range of Silver is most likely to be 3.5% or more of the price of Silver, which is a great tool for day traders. This book fulfills the dream of all traders: high probability winning trade possibilities, with minimal market exposure. It is that "extra edge." And Silver is a great market to trade now. The cost is $125.00. For ordering on line.

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